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Welcome to our Sunflowers Room

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Pre - school room 3-5 years

Our Pre – School room follows a well-structured routine which incorporates a holistic approach to their learning and development and our routine will support your child in all areas of the nursery. The children are also given free play which allows them time to explore their own interests. We have many different visits in this room such as visits from zoo lab, police, fire station and local library which gives children experience into things outside of nursery. The children in this room are looked after in ratios of 8 children to 1 staff member or 13 children to 1 staff with our Early Years Practitioner.


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Welcome to Buttercups Room

Our Daffodil room is a lively, happy environment where your child will thrive. This room begins to prepare your child for the pre-school room. There are many exciting activities and resources on offer. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage with observations carried out daily. Each child will be allocated a Key Person who will progress and develop a special relationship with your child. Each Key Persons will focus on each child’s individual interests and abilities and this will enable staff to plan the needs of each child individually.


6 weeks - 18 months/2 years

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The space that we have for our Buttercups is spread over two rooms. Our largest Buttercup Room is a bright, well stimulated and planned environment where your child will be engrossed in a wide variety of activities. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage with observations carried out daily. The smaller of our Buttercup rooms is designed to provide extra care and support to our youngest children and to provide a calmer space when needed.

Each child will be allocated a Key Person who will progress and develop a special relationship with your child. Each Key Persons will focus on each child’s individual interests and abilities and this will enable staff to plan the needs of each child individually. The staff ratio in this room is 1 staff member to 3 children.

Introduction/ Settling in period


High View Nursery arranges inductions for all children that are designed around your needs and the child's individual needs. Our settling in period is different for every child so we will arrange as many introductory visits as are needed for children until they become settled and familiar with our nursery.

Our Key Person system

Your child will be allocated a key person who will develop a special relationship with your child, settle your child into nursery and support your child on a daily basis. Your child’s key person will give you regular information and meet with you to discuss your child's progress on a regular basis through review meetings and our parent’s evenings. We believe that relationships between our staff and children are very special and recognise that every child's individuality, religions, beliefs, achievements, and efforts are recognised and we work towards this at all times so all our children receive the best attention to meet their own individual needs, and receive love and care at nursery like they would at home.

Our Staff


Please meet the staff who will care and develop that special relationship with your child at nursery.


Leanne - Nursery Manager 

Laura - Nursery Deputy 

Simone - Nursery Senior

Gemma - Nursery Senior

Susan - Nursery Senior

Catherine - Nursery Senior

Kelly - Nursery Officer 

Emma - Nursery Officer 

Tamzin - Nursery Officer 

Candice - Nursery Officer 

Ayisha - Nursery Apprentice

Claire - Nursery Cook

Lynsey - Nursery Cook

Family Time & Learning at Home


We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to High View Nursery and thank you for your continued support throughout your time with us. Please find detailed below information which we would like to share with you on how we like to involve our families at nursery.


Daily information sheets are completed on a daily basis showing what your child’s day has been like at nursery, activities they have enjoyed.


Termly news letters are sent home to keep our parents up-to-date with events new policies and general information.


Termly questionnaires are sent home, this helps the nursery take parent views in to consideration and help us improve. There is also a comments, suggestion and complaints book in the nursery entrance which parents can write their views in.


Exit questionnaires are also given out once children leave to move on to a new setting or as they move onto school, this will help us if you would give us feedback to see what we have done well or what we could improve on.


Parental packs are available for all parents with information all about the nursery including policies and procedures and the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Full copies of nursery policies can be given on request.


Notice boards are regularly reviewed these can be found in nursery entrance as well as outside play rooms with the latest planning of activities.


Parents evenings are also held twice yearly, this gives parents an opportunity to look through your child’s learning journal, observations, progressing and photographs and share any ideas. Also to discuss the EYFS which we follow when completing your child’s learning journal and planning of activities.


We use Parents evidence sheets and would  like to work in partnership with all our parents/carers in meeting all your child’s development needs, we ask that parents and carers, grandmas and granddads, sisters and brothers or aunties and uncles complete these sheets on what your child has done at home and bring these into nursery to be part of your child’s learning journal where staff will use them to help towards your child meeting the EYFS and be part of their learning journal at nursery. Parent evidence sheets will be sent home on a regular basis or please take one from outside the nursery room.


All children will have a scrap book which they will work on at nursery with staff and at home with parents, we would love to see what children do at home so these scrap books could include photographs, drawings, magazine cut outs of what the children have been up to and enjoy.


We would also like to invite any parent / carer or maybe grandma or Granddad to come into nursery if they would like to join in with any activity; reading a story, helping to paint a picture or just to talk to the children about an exciting job or holiday. The children love listening to new people and it’s quite exciting for parents and carers to get involved too! Please feel free to talk to Danielle (Nursery Manager), and this will be arranged at a convenient time for all.

Homework will be sent home with the older children on a regular basis, this is so we can help your child prepare for school.


All planning across the nursery is done based on the Early Years Foundation Stage.


The Early Years Foundation Stage (E.Y.F.S)

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage where your child will have a learning journal and an confidential '2simple' profile to show their progress throughout the nursery, with a range of observations, progressing and photographs which show the exciting things and fun which your child has had throughout their time at nursery. When your child leaves for school you can take the learning journal home for keep sake and reports will be sent monthly to an email address provided by you. The staff plan carefully and put a lot of preparation into following the Early Years Foundation Stage to ensure your child has the best start to life. We recognise each child as an individual, we observe children in the nursery environment indoors and outdoors during planned activities or even through play so we can plan for their future using next steps and progressing and give children the best to meets their individual needs and interests.


For more information on the EYFS refer to your parent pack on the EYFS or the DFE website. (Department for Education).


Your child will be learning skills, acquiring new knowledge and understanding through 7 areas. They will mostly develop the 3 prime areas first and as they grow these will help them to develop skills in 4 specific areas

The 3 prime areas are:

Communications and language, Physical development and Personal, social and emotional development.

The 4 specific areas are Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the world and Expressive arts and design.


18 months/2 years - 3 years

Welcome to our Daffodils Room

For 2 - 3 years
For 3 - 5 years
For 1- 2 years
For 6 weeks - 1 year
Settling Period
Our Staff
Family Time
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